About us?

At Davá we seek to boost the local economy thanks to the wealth of our ancestral knowledge and the work of indigenous artisans like us.

  • We are indigenous artisans from the 8 regions of the state of Oaxaca.
  • 90% of our team is made up of indigenous women.
  • We work with 5 artisan techniques: Backstrap loom, Chicote loom, Pedal loom, Hand and chain embroidery.
  • We created a network of artisans mainly in the textile branch. Collaborating with more than 20 artisan workshops and more than 36 families involved in each product we make.

We combine traditional techniques with items designed for and by you, creating products that have an impact for everyone involved: You, Us and Mother Nature. Since each artisan who weaves, embroiders, dyes and tans does so respecting the environment, we use plant extracts, tree bark, fruits and natural fibers to make each of our products. We are a high-quality contemporary alternative, which seeks to create a sustainable and sustainable local economy in indigenous communities of Mexico.

We seek to reduce the poverty rates of 72% of artisans in the country, we do so through fair trade, advice and improvement of production systems, with this we contribute to the development, well-being and preservation of our community customs and traditions.

"As our hands work and our hearts sing, we try to beautify the world"